From Hairdresser to Trichologist: Maximize Your Income Potential with Certification

Now more than ever, becoming a member of the International Association of Trichologists by training as a board certified trichologist can boost your potential yearly income and open up the world of helping clients in need to achieve stronger, healthier hair. By completing certified trichology courses and becoming a specialist in treating hair and scalp problems, you can help clients by diagnosing symptoms and treating a variety of issues, from excessive hair loss, hair thinning, hair shedding, and hair breakage. A detailed and scientific understanding and knowledge of hair and scalp health opens the door to the potential of helping people struggling with their hair, all while providing you with a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

What is a Trichologist?

Trichology is a paramedical discipline which is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of various hair and scalp disorders. Simply put, certified trichologists are human hair and scalp specialists. In the most elementary terms, trichologists examine the hair follicles, which are the basis of hair growth, to identify the underlying causes of hair and scalp conditions and develop a suitable treatment for each individual and unique patient. Their extensive knowledge of scalp anatomy, physiology, and pathology helps them to do their work. Working from a hair and scalp clinic, the issues that a trichologist may acknowledge and help to treat can range from hair loss, hair breakage, itching, alopecia, and more.

Besides becoming a practicing trichologist that works with and treats patients with hair and scalp issues, becoming a specialized trichologist allows you to additionally educate new students on trichology. Being a teacher will allow you to purchase products in larger quantities and at an even more reduced price than what trichologists already pay. This route is even more financially beneficial, as specialized trichologists that are interested in teaching can be paid for the students they train.

History of Trichology

The history of trichology goes back quite far in history. This scientific study of hair and scalp health can be dated back to the year 1902, when the Institute of Trichologists was founded in London, holding the prestigious title as the oldest professional association of hair specialists in the world. The institute was created with the goal of advancing the care and study of hair and scalp conditions by connecting doctors and hair professionals to share and expand upon their knowledge.

In 2009, the biannual peer-reviewed open access medical journal titled the International Journal of Trichology was founded as the first journal in the field. Over the course of the 20th century onwards, the science of trichology has gained more and more prominence as people become increasingly concerned with hair health and scalp care.

How to Become a Trichologist

Pursuing a career in trichology involves finding a certification course that is reputable and suitable for your lifestyle and career goals. It may be daunting to find the right course, but fortunately there are many organizations and institutions that offer trichology training worldwide. With the completion of the entire course and full training hours, you will be able to obtain your certificate and begin working or teaching in the field.

Qualities of a Trichologist

You enjoy learning

Becoming a trichologist involves sincere dedication to the educational side of the process. A passion for expanding your knowledge and committing yourself to your studies is essential to become a successful trichologist.

You enjoy helping people

At the heart of trichology is the ability to help patients restore their hair health and confidence. If you are passionate about helping people become better, happier versions of themselves, trichology is the right career path for you.

You are a strong communicator

When dealing with patients, you need to be confident in your communication skills in order to properly diagnose their problems and explain how their treatment plan will go. An entrepreneurial side is especially beneficial for aspiring trichologists.

You are patient

Your patient's issue may not be resolved quickly, and may even take some trial and error before you start seeing results. Having patience and perseverance is essential to being a successful trichologist and helping your patients achieve their goals.

You are compassionate

Finally, compassion is a necessary key quality for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in trichology. You will be working with patients who are struggling with a variety of hair and scalp disorders and conditions, and each one deserves to be treated with compassion and respect for their situation.

Are Trichologists in Demand?

Before embarking on a new career path, it is always wise to question the societal demand of the position. Fortunately, the future of trichology as a profession is bright. As more and more people become concerned with diagnosing and treating their various hair and scalp issues, especially with a more holistic approach, the intrigue with the science of trichology rises and the demand for finding practicing trichologists increases. As it remains still a fairly new discipline, there are currently a limited number of certified trichologists around the world, which is a bonus if joining an unsaturated market is something you are looking for in your career. If you are passionate about bringing your client's hair back to life and restoring confidence, trichology is the perfect career path to follow.

How Much Does a Trichologist Make Per Year?

As with any career, the expected salary for trichologists with certification can vary based on several factors. Generally, a trichologist can earn up to $30,000 per year by giving a minimum of 5 treatments per week. A trichologist with an established client base can do 15-20 treatments per week and can therefore earn around $90,000 per year, without taking into account the sale of products and accessories that are necessary for the client to maintain proper scalp hygiene. Many trichologists have a main profession in addition to trichology, which means this estimated salary could potentially be an additional income on top of an already existing salary.

Why Choose Clinique Capillaire Carole Raby to Become a Board Certified Trichologist in Montreal?

If you are in located in the Montreal area and are interested in becoming a certified trichologist, Clinique Capillaire Carole Raby is the perfect destination for you. Carole Raby is a practicing trichologist who has been in the industry for almost 40 years. She was trained in trichology by Denise Tellier, who herself trained at the Academy of Medicine St-Germain in Paris, France. Raby has been sharing her knowledge by teaching trichology certification courses in Montreal for the last 10 years.

At Clinique Capillaire, we offer premier online trichology certification courses and clinical training that are specially designed to teach you the science of scalp and hair health and wellness, preparing you to become a successful trichologist as well as trichology teacher for those interested. Contact us today to learn more about our course, and begin your journey towards becoming a certified trichologist today!

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